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In Page Not Found, Jonathan Clark shares the secrets and insights of web development from sixteen years of experience.

You’ll learn the basics of how websites and the Internet work, commonly-used terminology, and what factors are important in hiring a website development company. Most importantly, you’ll discover how seemingly small elements can have a tremendous effect on how your website performs.

Most website development books are written for techies — those who want to code and design a website. Page Not Found is a reference guide for the business owner who needs to know how to successfully navigate the process of web development.

Written in straightforward language and absent acronyms and buzzwords, Page Not Found is the playbook for entrepreneurs, business owners or managers — anyone who needs to create a business website.



Covering the BasicsLearn the three essential elements for any business website.


Content-First DesignThe dirty little secret of web design is that users come for content, not design.


How Internet Traffic WorksIt’s not sexy, but it’s essential to understand.


Make Sure Your Site Gets FoundUnderstanding the basic elements of Search Engine Optimization.


Avoid the PitfallsThe most critical pitfalls may not be the most obvious.


The Psychology of ChoiceApplying these principles to your website marketing can be powerful for any business.


Do-It-Yourself ToolsYou can do-it-yourself. Should you?


Making Sure Your Website is Social Media-ReadyOne of the small elements most missed.


Hiring the Right TeamThere’s no silver bullet for finding the right website development company.


Who Owns Your Website?Determining what, if any part of your website you in fact own can be tricky.

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Praise for Page Not Found

  • Customer Testimonails

    Page Not Found is extremely insightful. It is a must read for anyone considering developing or revamping their website strategy. The book helps to define and outline your purpose but mostly the thought-process of a web design project. I was most impressed with the knowledge that Jonathan shared that most web developers do not tell you.

    Bridgette D. Price, M.A. Talent Acquisition Subject Matter Expert SME, DePaul University
  • Customer Testimonails

    For entrepreneurs and other business professionals looking to understand and create a web presence Jonathan demystifies the basics. He provides pragmatic steps to consider in order to gain a running start and focus on customer engagement.

    Paul Krein, MBAChief Technology Officer, Red River
  • Customer Testimonails

    A great collection of relevant information that business owners can apply immediately in their application of technology to marketing. Practical, useful, and well-written.

    Vincent Mayfield, MBA CEO, Bit-Wizards
  • Customer Testimonails

    Very informative, a must-read for anyone in business or thinking of starting a business. Written in a style that is clear and concise, Page Not Found is a treasure trove of website design insights explaining the dos and don’ts that only years of experience could provide. This book imparts knowledge but more importantly delivers wisdom in a way that is easily understood by anyone.

    Chris SchillerPresident and Founder, Computer Masters, Inc.

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About the Author

Jonathan Clark

Jonathan is the Founder and CEO of Diginovas, a company that specializes in website development for small businesses and startups.

As a successful business manager and owner, Jonathan is intimate with the challenges of running a business.

In 2002, he launched a web design company that, after five consecutive years of growth, was acquired in 2007.

For the next six years, he led the marketing efforts of a fast-growing software and web development company, creating and defining an identity that helped increase annual revenues and earn recognition for growth in Inc. and Florida Trend magazines.

Jonathan has two adult daughters, two grandchildren, and lives in Washington, D.C. with his wife, Kim.

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