Knowledge Base

Accessing Administration Area

The online web-based “Administration” interface, accessible from anywhere in the world using any popular web browser.

To log in, simply type in your site’s address and append “/admin” to it. Type in your username, which is your email address, and your password.


Note: The Admin Console is browser-based; no additional software is required to use it. However, remember to click Save after making your selections. If you click Back or close the browser window before saving your changes, your changes will be discarded.



The dashboard is the first thing you see after logging into Admin. It gives you a “bird’s eye view” of how your online business is performing. Use it to keep your finger on the pulse of your online business.



Site Visits Overview

This graph gives you a quick overview of your sites visitors. You can extend the date range by clicking the down arrow to the right of the date range. To view additional reports on your site, click View More Reports in the upper right of the charts.

General Overview

Covers visits, online sales, inquiries, subscriptions, forum posts, events, secure zone logins and affiliate referrals. Displays actual amounts/numbers, along with respective graphics for percentage increase or decrease.

Campaign Summary

Displays the number of ongoing campaigns.

Live Feed

Displays real-time info about users interacting with campaigns, forms, secure zones, etc.

Upcoming Tasks

Displays any scheduled tasks

Business Catalyst News Feed

Displays system notifications from BC

Usage stats

Displays site usage statistics for disk and bandwidth usage, admin users, e-mail accounts and newsletter credits.


Opens your live website (front end).


Site Menu

Through this menu, all the site content can be managed.

Site Content

The majority of the site content is accessed here. Each page of the site is broken down into easily managed sections.


Updating social media links and Search Engine Optimization is managed here.


Customer Relationship Managment. General Area for: Search, Customers, Orders, Cases, Event Bookings, Opportunities, Sales Forecasts, Extend CRM Database.

Customers are simply put site visitors that have some interaction with your site. Whenever somebody submits a webform, comments on a blog or forum post, signs up to a newsletter or makes a purchase the system creates a contact in the CRM for this particular site visitor and stores the information he submitted to the system the order, the comment he posted or the text he entered in a feedback form against that CRM contact.

In Business Catalyst there are two main types of CRM contacts: customers and companies. Both contacts and companies can be interconnected to one another using "relationships" - we will cover this in a different section.


Visitors, Traffic sources, Website Content, Web Forms Usage, E-Commerce, E-Mail Campaigns, Custom Reports, Admin Reports.

Company Information

To manage all of the company information that appears throughout the site, a specialized app has been installed. It is located on the left navigation at the bottom under the APPS section, called “Company Settings.” From here, you can manage the company name, slogan, address, and phone number. Updates to company information are reflected globally on the site.